Our Production

There are 30 hectares of land, of which 5 hectares are filled with different grape varieties both traditional local grapes and international classics, as well as sparkling varieties that we take pride in reviving. We also cultivate olive trees to produce extra virgin olive oil.

Cabellut Wines

We have old and young vines, at around 65 to 7 years of age. These are the traditional Cava varieties Xarel.lo, Macabeu and Parellada. Recent planted vines, that are more known internationally include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnatxa and Chardonnay. All our wine labels were made by a Belgian artist, Mia Bruyninckx, precisely etching the leaves of each of our grape vines.

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Spanish Olive Oil

The Arbequina olive is a typical variety of Catalonia. The name originates from Arbeca – a town in the province Lleida in Catalonia. This variety withstands well the windy sea breeze that occurs in Catalonia. Arbequina is known for its subtle and mild organoleptic flavors.

Our extra virgin olive oil has tasting notes of green almonds, green tomato, herbs, and lettuce. This oil will match perfectly with fish dishes and with both vegetable and fruit salads.

  • Silver Award at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition 2022
  • Harvested in November 2021
  • Organic cultivation
  • Acidity (free fatty acids) <0,20 %
  • Storage conditions: Best stored in a dark place and at 14 to 16°C and used within a couple of months after opening the bottle

You can buy our award winning extra virgin olive oil directly from our grove by sending a mail to [email protected]



Appreciate the great selection of our production that mixes traditional Spanish methods and inventive modern technology.

  • Wine degustation – explore it together with Anna Baqués, our amazing oenologist, the different wines from our boutique vineyard, that are already recognised in a Michelin star restaurant, as well as other wine gems from around the regions of Tarragona & Penedés.
  • Extra virgin olive oil degustation – Spain is the largest producer of extra virgin olive oil worldwide so it has a lot of different oils to offer. You can discover together with Anse van Buitenen, our olive oil sommelier and one of the owners, the different flavors and sensations of the liquid gold of Spain.

Distribution points

Appreciate our production in high quality restaurants and wine shops in Europe.

Our distribution list is constantly being expanded, contact us for more information.

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Nature’s cycle at Masia Cabellut

Our Values

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    The latest technologies and best practices are used to produce our wines in premium quality. As well as bottles, corks, labels, and packaging are chosen to represent the sustainable and luxurious brand of Cabellut.

  • S


    Our boutique vineyard is highly aware of the needs of nature and wants to return as much as we get from our planet, thus sustainability is essential in our business model and in our choice of partners.

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    Only products which are allowed in organic farming are used in the vineyard and winery. We avoid chemical products in all the processes and try to limit the use of sulfites as well.

  • I


    We try several methods with various types of wood, exploring different intensities in order to discover the impact on our sparkling wine.

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